5 Reasons Why

High 5 for the Ajvar 5K! To honor the 5th year anniversary of the Ajvar 5K, here are 5 fun reasons why you should participate!

For the Kids
By registering you are contributing to help children in Macedonia with Down Syndrome and autism. Whether you will race, volunteer or donate, all your efforts and contributions are acknowledged and appreciated.

Treat Yourself
The mind, body and soul trio is the second holiest triad out there. Registering means racing and racing means running or walking, either way you will be exercising, which is one of the best ailments and stimulants to the mind, body and soul! Since this is a charity event, your soul will be enlightened and fulfilled upon registration because knowing you will be helping Macedonian children with Down Syndrome and autism is the most rewarding gift the Ajvar 5K team or you could give yourself.

Trick question: who doesn’t love presents? Answer: everyone loves presents so no one (well, maybe the kids that get coal from Santa for Christmas). Unfortunately the presents run on a first come first serve basis. The first 100 people who register will receive an Ajvar 5K t-shirt along with a jar of MAMA’s traditional Macedonian Ajvar!

Free Snacks
The world revolves around food for everyone, and if it doesn’t, that’s the first problem. Ajvar 5K will be providing light refreshments and snacks at the race, so what else is better than contributing to society by helping children, working out and then receiving free food? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Registering for the Ajvar 5K Run/Walk ensures you an enjoyable event due to all the previous reasons listed above. Together with your community and our Ajvar 5K community we can have a great time fighting and fundraising for the issues that matter. Register and enjoy!