​​What people said about AJVAR 5K 2013
"The best 5K organization I have seen so far. Congrats to UMD and to the volunteers, and thanks for making this happen!
​ (Filip Blazeski)
"Awesome, awesome job guys!!! Organization, atmosphere...it was all very good!!!​" (
Andreas Ninios)
"Bese mnogu ubavo organizirano I nie cela familija super si pominavme. Thank you all!" (
Milja Stefanovska)
"Had a great time, the whole family did, thank you for putting this together!​" (
Candi Bryant )

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The United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) is pleased to announce that this year’s annual Ajvar 5K Run/Walk will be held at Dahnert’s Lake County Park, in Garfield, New Jersey on Sunday, September 7, 2014 in commemoration of Macedonia’s 23 years of independence. This year’s proceeds will benefit the Infants and Pediatrics Divison of the Ohrid General Hospital in Ohrid, Macedonia. To register or become a sponsor, click DONATE HERE!

Launched in 2012 by Ajvar LLC (Beti Arsovska and Bernard Pesjak), and the United Macedonian Diaspora, Ajvar 5K has been held continuously since then, twice in Washington, D.C., once in New York City, and once in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

In December 2012, UMD together with its partners, the United Macedonian-Americans of Detroit (UMAD), Ajvar LLC, and Pencils 4 Kids International (P4KI) delivered much-needed aid to the “11th October” orphanage in Skopje, Macedonia in the form of twenty-five new beds/mattresses and school supplies for all the orphans.

In early 2014, together with the help of the Macedonian-American Students Associations in Michigan who organized the 2013 Ann Arbor Ajvar 5K, we provided resources for a renovation project at the “11th October” orphanage, equipping the entire orphanage with brand new bookcases, wall shelves and closets for the children. On March 7th, UMD’s member from Virginia, Gordana Mirkoska visited the orphanage to see the fruits of our renovation project, and was pleased with the new additions. Mirkoska donated a pizza party for all the orphans that day, putting a big smile on all of their faces.

Given that no other needs remained at the orphanage, proceeds that remain outstanding to be given out from the 2013 Ajvar 5K will be distributed together with whatever proceeds are raised from the 2014 Ajvar 5K to the Ohrid General Hospital, among other smaller projects depending on need. Currently, UMD is in discussion with the Hospital regarding what specific needs the Hospital has regarding their Infants and Pediatrics Division.

Giving back to the homeland Macedonia has always been on the minds of those working with UMD, given the strong family ties Macedonians have back home. Since 2006, UMD has provided over $35,000 in humanitarian assistance to orphans, the sick, and the elderly in Macedonia. To learn more about our work, click HERE.

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AJVAR 5K RUN and WALK  September 7, 2014 

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